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How It's Done: From sunflower seeds to cooking oil

How It's Done: From sunflower seeds to cooking oil

Do you have any sunflowers in your life? We are asking because we are going to tell you how sunflowers are the reason for your smile when you cook your favorite dishes, or the reason that your heart is healthier when you put the use of sunflower oil into your favorite snacks. 

We imagine that since you have a special interest in sunflower oil, it’s because you like food and so we will tell you the story of how sunflower seed has turned into the preferred cooking oil where you live, and around the world. 

What makes sunflower oil healthy? 
  • It’s rich in Vitamin E 
  • Unlike other oils, it is low in saturated fats and high in polyunsaturated fatty acid
  • It improves your heart health and helps prevent cancer

Where does sunflower seed oil come from? 

When you buy Sunflower oil online it comes from the sun flower seed. You have seen sunflower seeds before, probably when they are dry, so you’re probably thinking, how does all that oil come from one tiny seed? 

The answer is that it comes from thousands of millions of seeds at a time, and the process is known as pressing. We have the great country of Russia to thank for the process of making sunflower seed oil on a large scale, where it was first introduced in 1829 and later spread all over the world. Even today, Russia and Ukraine are the world’s largest producers of sunflower oil. 

What are the steps of making sunflower oil?

Sunflower flower oil is made using a process known as pressing. There are number of ways which are used for sunflower oil pressing; the three ways are known as: 

  • Solvent Pressing 
  • Dry Pressing 
  • Cold Pressing 

We will now give you a brief description of this procedure and the steps it takes to make sunflower oil, in each of the three forms of making refined sunflower oil. 

Making sunflower oil using solvent Pressing 

If you are a regular user of sunflower oil for cooking it means that you are probably using the kind that is made using solvent pressing. The steps for solvent pressing is that the seed is first dehulled, and broken into tinier pieces. These pieces are then crushed and passed through a solvent like hexane which is used to extract the oil, and then evaporates to leave behind the golden refined sunflower oil which you are familiar with. 

Making sunflower oil using dry pressing

The process of dry pressing sunflower seeds gives it a little extra aroma and flavor. In this process the sunflower seeds are dehulled, and then lightly toasted to the right temperature before it its crushed, drinded and processed to extract the precious oil that you use to shallow or deep fry your favorite dinner treats. 

Cold pressed sunflower oil 

Cold pressed sunflower oil is the oil of choice that home chefs and even five star kitchens turn to when they want an oil that has a neutral taste and is healthier than the other bunch of oil options. In the case of cold pressed sunflower oil, the seeds are crushed and mechanical pressed until a golden and pure oil flows out of the seed. This oil is then purified and processed until it is ready to be packaged and sent to your kitchen in a sunflower oil packet. 

How is organic sunflower oil better than other oil? 

If you want an oil that does not get absorbed in your food, is rich in polyunsaturated fats and has a low saturated fats count, then organic sunflower oil should be your first choice. Doctors and chefs will both agree that organic sunflower oil checks all the boxes for being good for your heart health, without compromising on the taste. If you want to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about cholesterol, give organic sunflower oil a try. 

  • Organic sunflower oil has a lot of benefits: 
  • It’s rich in Vitamin E that gives you healthier and younger looking skin 
  • Unsaturated fats are good for you - they make you feel active and energetic all day 
  • Organic sunflower helps fight cancer so use it in your cooking
  • You can use organic sunflower oil to massage into your scalp too, for softer and shinier hair 

If you came here to know the different kinds of sunflower oil and the ways that it's made then you have found all the information that you need right here. Stay tuned for more stories on food and the wonderful world of cooking. 

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  • Hi, there! I read another article which said that sunflower oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, with a terrible omega-6: omega-3 ratio, and up to 4% of the fatty acids in it are toxic trans fats. Are they talking about the standard cheap sunflower oil you buy in supermarkets?


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