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Jowar Idly Rawa - Roasted

Jowar Idly Rawa - Roasted

Health Sutra

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The most famous and largely consumed healthy south Indian breakfast Idly Rawa is now packed with the power of Jowar, a complex carbohydrate which is digested slowly promoting a gradual rise in blood sugar minimising the danger of diabetes which is the most important aspect of adding jowar to our diet,

The jowar Idly Rawa contains magnesium, copper, and calcium which helps in making bone and tissues strong, it is a good source of protein, carb and is low in fat and calorie content, iron in Jowar increases the red blood cells which in turn improves immunity.

Our forefathers have lived on this humble yet power packed food to keep their children and elderly safe from diseases and also to fulfill their energy needs to carry on with their predominantly field jobs from sunrise to sunset.

Idli for weight loss has been a mantra recited by almost all fitness gurus; we just made it all the more powerful with the addition of our top- selling Jowar Idly Rawa.

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