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Multi Flora Honey (Gori Ganga Valley)
Multi Flora Honey (Gori Ganga Valley)
Multi Flora Honey (Gori Ganga Valley)

Multi Flora Honey (Gori Ganga Valley)

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Weight: 450 g

This Raw Multiflora honey is multi-source, sustainably harvested and never heated, treated or ultra-filtered. This Raw honey is harvested in the month of november to january from the high reaches of the true wild river basin i.e. Gori Ganga in the North eastern Himalayas of Uttarakhand.

The river originating from the sanctums of the Milam glacier houses many indigenous flora not found anywhere in the world and is foraged by wild cerana indica bees indigenous to that region for pollen and nectar. The prime varieties include Indian butter tree, Chura, Titpaati, Prunus spp, Ageratum Conyzoides, Trifolium sp and many other medicinal plants.

Taste: Strong floral aroma due to abundance in pollen content and strong bitter after taste. .

Colour: This multiflora honey has amber colour with translucent shade.

Species of Bees: Apis cerana indica

NetWeight : 450 gm / 317 ml